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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meow Wolf: A Night Dread Naught.

You can tell that thought went into these lyrics. That the emotions behind them were burningly intense. Topics and stories that have complicated, hidden morals are the formula for most of their songs. With a lead female singer that might try too hard to be Janice Joplin.

Their stop-motion visuals added even more enjoyment to the songs. When they were on queue, that is. The crowd was responsive, and appreciative of the band, as was to be expected.

An overall together band that I will remember having the pleasure of listening to.

A band whose size rivals that of 70's supergroups. It is more an orchestra than a simple group of musicians. Cole Wilson, the lead guitarist and singer acts also as a conductor, often turning around and directing the rest of these college-student twenty-somethings.
17 Band Members were present, though their has them listed as 25 in total:
3 Guitars,
1 Violinist,
1 Violist,
1 Cellist,
2 Saxes,
3 Horns,
1 Flautist,
1 Clarinet,
1 Banjo,
1 Pianist,
1 Bassist (both upright and guitar)
And a drummer, of course.
All playing simultaneously, though usually to reduce complexity a few always hung back.

Aside from the excessive feedback in more places than were forgivable, heartfelt rhythm filled the space. The band taking up about as much room as the audience. The wall of sound that we anticipated was experienced, but not to the point where we were fully satisfied. Perhaps that was the idea.

An band that is not afraid to break boundaries and be ingenious once and awhile. A metal xylophone played with a violin bow! The sound is like that of a perfect harmonic octave.
The songs are mostly of sadness, but the band keeps it humorous.

I don't know, but unsigned bands just have this different energy about them. A hopeful determination, a happy acceptance of sadness. The fact that the genre that night was Folk makes it even more pronounced. Sound for sound's sake. And beautiful sound at that. I like that.

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